I will use my twenty-five years of experience and training in New York to help you focus on achieving your goals.   

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Stress Management at Work Seminars 
Couple Communication Classes for One Couple 
In order to effectively manage work related stress, we need to understand both prevention strategies and relief strategies. In this seminar, you will learn cognitive skills, interpersonal skills and problem-solving skills. Find out if you are prone to work burnout, and if so, how to prevent it. You will take charge of your life by setting realistic goals, developing a healthier, more satisfying lifestyle and learning to adjust to change. Everyone has work stress, but by learning these invaluable skills, you can control stress instead of letting it control you.
CATHERINE MOORE, LCSW, takes care to provide clients high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Catherine is available  M-S by appointment.

I provide a variety of services including:
Join me for a six week couple communication class. It is full of practical information. Weekly homework assignments will help you learn and practice vital skills essential to a successful relationship. You keep your homework assignments so you can refer to them whenever you wish. Remember with skills training, your relationship can grow to be the best it can be. You learn to solve problems constructively.  Communication becomes deeper and more meaningful.
Comprehensive services enable organizations to achieve their potential for success. In today's competitive environment, organizations are interested in keeping productivity high, staff turnover low and maintaining high employee satisfaction. Classes for the workplace, seminars, organizational consulting, mentoring and coaching, and organizational change management are available. 

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Comprehensive Services for Organizations